The ongoing success of Brackify has proven that we know how to build a solid, interactive bracket that looks good, works on multiple devices and can handle thousands of users voting and checking results at any moment in time. With our experience building Fantasy games and products like Brackify, it made sense for us to work with Hubstar Games to create and launch Realtime Brackets for the NCAA March Madness tournament.

Why Realtime Brackets?

The idea itself was the brainchild of Tom over at Hubstar Games and a brilliantly simple one at that. Ask yourself this, why should the competition and fun of March Madness stop once you've filled out your bracket? Traditionally you'd fill out a bracket and hope for the best while watching the games. Realtime Brackets flips this tradition on its head and keeps the competition alive by allowing you to switch your picks as the games are happening. That's Realtime Brackets and it adds a whole new layer of competitiveness to March Madness. Built for iOS, Android and the web, fans can play with friends, create groups and transform the way they experience March Madness.

Critical Notifications

With real time scoring data coming in as the games happen, you might be wondering how you keep up with your picks and make the changes you need to make at crucial points in multiple games going on at any one point in time. That's where a set of killer push notifications come into play. Throughout the game (end of the 1st Period, Half Time, etc.) you'll receive an alert that will let you know if your chosen team in a matchup is losing. Once you receive that notification, you will have a window to decide if it's worth making a switch in exchange for a little less points at the end of the match should you be right. The earlier you make the right decision the more points you get. If you leave making a switch to the last minute, you will be awarded the least amount of points.

Although there's a Realtime Bracket desktop experience, the most fun can be had on a smartphone or tablet. Realtime Brackets is perfect when you're at a bar with as there's nothing like a bit of competitive pressure amongst friends when trying to decide to make a switch or not as the clock runs out.

Update for 2016: We were featured on the App Store Home Page!

RT Brackets App Store Featured Featured on the App Store Home Page