While I formalize this project and process into a case study of how and why Sly Trunk built the Fantasy Movie League iPhone App, I'll leave you with some screen shots and feedback we received from the community upon launch.

"Props! Been trying all the features and so far so good, it works really well"
- CCR's Cineplex

"YEEESSS! So glad the FML team has been working to make this happen, thank you for your hard work! Can't wait to check my lineup and the Chatter on the go!"
- Doc Brown

"I really like the feel of the new app, the design and the fonts are great, well done. I am finding myself to be uber chatty today because of the app, I am typically on my phone as opposed to my PC and the mobile web version wasn't great for me."
- GingerKnight

"The UI is clean. I love it. Good job FML."
- ikaikatilton's Cineplex

"Hey FML, its a beautiful app ! Really really clean, great look and feel. Love the warm tones of the color scheme! Once I spend more time on it, i'll start giving more helpful feed back like others are doing. But, thank you so much for bringing out the app! We love it!"
- 8lack Panth3r

"I got it (using it right now) and quite like it. I hate when a company/organization/website/ect. launches an app and it's a useless, half-brained and incomplete waste of precious memory. Good job on getting it right the first time guys."
- The Victorious Theater

You can browse the whole discussion via the public Chatter: "Get the new FML iOS App"